What Do We Do?

Share Matching Service

Shareholders in private companies would love to be able to access a market place for their existing holdings, as well as being able to consider investing in other private companies. Up until now, an expensive and administration intensive listing on an exchange such as AIM or ISDX was the only option. Britdaq offers a share matching service at a fraction of the price and hassle. Matching is carried out using email, as Britdaq is not a Registered Market.

Share Registrar

Conventional share registrars can charge as much as we do for our combined registrar and share matching service. Britdaq allows 24/7 access to your share register, allows companies to make changes to their own register directly if required, and lets shareholders print out their own share certificates. As Britdaq links the share matching with the register, it is like a CREST for unlisted shares.

Investor Discussion Forum

Shareholders in our companies can discuss their shareholdings and strategies, and our companies can tell the investment community all about themselves and what they are doing. Regular news is the most important factor in investing in small or unlisted companies, and our forum is the best way to get two-way communication going between companies and their investors.

Prices range from £0 to £5,200+ per annum, based on number of shareholders, with concessions for ethical/green companies and free listings for charities.