About Britdaq.

modern electronic

Britdaq is a modern electronic share registrar. We offer our clients an online electronic register. We have done away with parchment and quill pens and rubber-stamped seals, in favour of good old-fashioned pdfs that you can download and print. Shareholders can see and value their holdings and change their address online.

modern electronic

Britdaq runs a share matching service. Britdaq is not a Regulated Market. Britdaq enables companies to have liquidity in their shares without the expense and bother of a market listing. This makes it suitable for those companies that have de-listed due to high running costs, and for newer companies that would like exposure and liquidity but are not yet ready for a listing.

Gold Membership

If you are a shareholder, you can become a member of Britdaq and keep track of your shares. We will update you via email if there are announcements or share trades.

If you want to buy or sell shares, please contact us.